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The auction has just started, your heart begins to race. Emotions run through your body and you’re on the verge of making a $750,000 decision.
What’s going on inside your head? Are you thinking about your bidding strategy? Your competition? Or your kids growing up in the back yard?
Do you bid aggressively? Do you wait to the end? Does it even really matter? Doesn’t the agent go inside before the property is on the market anyway?
You take a deep breath. Another buyer opens the bidding at $625,000, 30 seconds pass… You’re frozen… The auctioneer makes a vendor bid. What’s next? Do you wait for the auctioneer to make their third and final call before you make your move?
This can be a very confusing and confronting process, especially if you have little or no experience in this situation.

Our job is to develop a clear strategy based on your budget and the market conditions, and then execute the strategy during the stressful part – reading and anticipating the speed and direction of the auction.

Give yourself the best chance of buying the property while minimising stress and eliminating doubt or regret.

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It’s critical you know your market, your competition and auctioneer.
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